Fatten Up Your Vocals

One of the hallmarks of home recording is thin tracks. Thin drums, thin guitars, thin bass…..But when the vocals sound like they were sung by a two dimensional singer, that’s when it’s time to do something about those tracks. As you’ll see, one of the best ways to fix this problem is to record it […]


DIY Automatic Double Tracking

Every time I see a new plugin, I wonder if it’s really offering anything new. Most recently, I got an email about the Waves Reel ADT and started thinking there has to be another way to do the same thing. I don’t have any problem with Waves. I own a few of their products and […]

N7Studio - 03

Recording in Tight Quarters

 I’m contemplating a foray into recording a band live in the studio soon and there are so many variables I have to work out. For one, the “studio” is not intended for recording music on this level. Specifically, it’s a small lobby with a mixing room attached. I’m hoping to get two guitarists, a bassist […]


Eventide Ultrachannel Free Until July 8

As much as we don’t advocate relying on plugins as a silver bullet, you really can’t get away from them in modern recording and mixing. You don’t need the latest and fanciest. You don’t need heaps of them. But you need a few. And the Eventide Ultrachannel is a good candidate for desert island plugin. […]


Producer Challenge: A Week Without Your Studio

For a serious, amateur home recordist, the accumulated gear of your studio is a source of pride and inspiration. A sanctuary of creativity. Maybe you’re striving to develop professional skills by reading tips from Home Recording Home. Thanks for reading. We’re going to suggest something radical: give it a break. You don’t have to stop […]


Creating Your Own Funky Delays

I was watching a video by Graham from the Recording Revolution in which he talks about using Lo-Fi plugins to get a more analog sounding delay that is totally digital. For starters, this is on par with all the excellent advice that Graham dispenses about home recording. Listen to some of the stuff he has […]


How Much Distortion Do Recorded Guitars Need?

If you want to record the heaviest guitar tracks of your career, how much distortion do you need? The less experienced might go ahead and say damn the torpedoes and crank it up to 11. A little experience and you might begin to see things a different way. Before we dive in, it might be […]


Do Listeners Care About Your Mix?

How many times have you presented a mix to a friend and received feedback about how it sounds great, even when you hear all sorts of mistakes and room for improvement? If your friend is an audio engineer, they’ll probably always tell you what can be improved. But if they’re a casual listener, their feedback […]


Golden Drum Sounds: How to EQ the Drum Kit

The recording advice industry has its share of tired advice, including gospel about recording drums. By now you have probably heard the deal: drums are the hardest thing to record, you need a good room, mic placement is crucial…. All these things are true. But how many of them should stop you from recording them? […]


Recording Black Sabbath

As a modern consumer and producer of music, it’s interesting to reflect on the pace of music production in years gone by. Look at the catalog of jazz bands in the 1950’s or pop bands in the 1960’s and you’ll see what would be considered an astonishing output in the modern day. Bands could easily […]


The Trouble with Layering Synths

It’s incredible that with all the power of VST synths, it’s still pretty easy to sound like other artists. That flexibility should make it easier to find your unique voice, right? It should. And it does. If you know what you’re doing. Before you spend hours obsessing over the sound of synths, take some time […]


Secrets of the Masters: Audio Engineering Diaries

The one thing that most of us need more of in the studio, the one thing that we can’t buy, is experience. You can only get it through dedicated effort. And that’s a little frustrating when you’re trying to create your best possible product right now. You really can’t wait 15 years to get the […]


Keep It Simple, Keep It Raw

Spend some time on Soundcloud and take stock of the electronic music out there. There are more than a few terrible artists out there. You can find any number of bad house or dubstep knockoffs that you want. Many of these artists have bought into the same message that we’ve all heard: you can make […]


Black Keys Recording Rundown

If you’ve been paying attention to Home Recording Home recently, you might notice an old school slant on information. It feels like we’re always looking back to find out how classic sounds were made. The reason for that is simple: classic recording techniques are time tested and are generally far easier to accomplish in the […]


Get It Right at the Source by Getting the Source Right

If I’ve learned anything writing and researching for Home Recording Home, it’s that there is no masking a lie. No matter the room, the DAW, or the plugins, your tracks will only sound as good as the source and microphone. I accepted that. And went on trying to improve things in the mix. Sometimes because […]


Is Your DAW Helping You Write?

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than pointing out all the ways that modern recording is spoiling the creativity of music. But it’s just not fair, or entirely realistic. Are you going to chuck your DAW and go get a tape machine today? Probably not. When it comes down to it, digital recording is so easy […]


Record Breaking Records

On April 19, 2014, Jack White broke the world record for recording and releasing an album. Just under four hours. You can read about it in this American Songwriter article. Other than the ferocious pace, one of the most shocking and impressive parts of this feat is that the two songs recorded for this release […]


Producer Challenge: Mixing Without Compression

Looking at the title of this article, you’re probably thinking it’s a joke. No compression? Incredible recordings have been made without compression, but the idea is a little outdated at this point. Even a small amount of experience mixing music these days will have exposed you to the principles of compression. Your mixes are probably […]


Stand Out Synths

Many of us have access to and frequently employ soft synths in our productions. But are we doing it right? I admit, I didn’t realize some of the mistakes that could be made with synths until I found this article on Harmony Central. And I’m glad I did, because I love me some synths. Among […]


Free Education: Mix Secrets

Recording at home, you get plenty of access to your own sounds, your own projects. And as you dial in your approach on your projects, there is a strong danger of sounding like yourself. All your mistakes and ideas multiplied across every track you work on. So it makes sense to get out of your […]

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