Fundamental De-Essing Errors?

If you are satisfied with a de-esser plugin in your arsenal, please let the world know. De-essing is one of the most common tasks in processing vocals. And yet, stock de-essers in some DAWs are absolutely terrible at what they do and de-essers are under-represented in the world of third-party plugins. Think about it: how […]


Introducing Bitwig Studio: The Future of DAWS?

In an already crowded market, it seems a little strange to see a new DAW emerge. But that’s exactly what happened with the recent release of Bitwig Studio. Why should you care? First, this isn’t the solution for everybody. It does have a lot of potential for electronic producers, looking for a complete production environment […]


Should You Give Your Music Away?

You’ve probably received some music for free (legally) at some point in the last year. While you were excited to get some free music, the artist behind it was equally excited to get some free marketing. Are you considering giving your music away? Is this a wise way to market your music? It depends who […]


Dynamic Automation

Do you ever get to the end of a project and wonder where the life in your songs is? Somewhere along the way, the human element has slipped through the cracks or been crushed with poor processing. There are a million points where you could get a more dynamic project, but your last line of […]


Building an Audience Online

As we devote more time to helping you get your music noticed, we’ll be sharing some tips that are working for us in our own efforts. Just so you know, HRH has been active for less than a year, and with consistent effort, we’re starting to garner some traffic. We haven’t reached our goals yet, […]


Simulating the Real World of Guitars

Confession: I’ve never really liked in the box amplifier emulations. Until recently. I still prefer the sound of a real amp, recorded in a real room. There’s a palpable sense of size and character from recording real instruments that trumps any messing about with plugins, in my book. But I’ve recently learned there is a […]


The Ultimate Production Skill: Time Management

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time for recording? Lately, I’ve watched some of my work projects jump up and swallow the time I have set aside for music production. It happens slowly, starting with a single choice, the herald of a string of obligations and actions that lead me to the end […]


Why You Need Studio Monitors

If you really want to improve your recording and mixing, you should treat your room and buy better monitors. These aren’t sexy investments. They’re not as flashy as buying more Waves plugins. Until you get a finished product. I’ve been reflecting on the power of monitors lately, as I check mixes on home stereo speakers […]


Pro Mixing Advice

With a lot of time spent mixing lately, I’ve been thinking about the strategies to mixing. If you have any experience in the field, you probably realize that mixing involves thousands of decisions, all cumulating in a finished product. Any of those decisions could sink the mix. And there are no rules. Everybody does it […]


Take It Easy with the High Pass Filter

We’ve dispensed advice about high pass filtering numerous times at HRH and we stand by what we said. Mostly. Here, we present a humble rethinking of the idea of high passing everything in a mix. Many signals, including those recorded in a lot of project studios, contain “inaudible sound” in the low frequencies that can […]


Mixing with the End in Mind: How Mastering Can Help Your Mixes

Most home producers grasp the mechanisms at play when mixing tracks, but are completely dumbfounded when it comes to mastering. Rightly so. Mastering is a tricky situation and requires a tuned room and calibrated monitors. We don’t all have these things. However, it would be a mistake to dismiss mastering as the lofty realm of […]


Simply Recording Podcast Boosts Your Game

For busy home producers, keeping up with all the demands of daily life, completing recording projects, and continuing production education is a difficult balancing act. You know there’s tons of information out there, but you don’t always have time to keep up with reading and watching videos. Don’t give up on learning, though. There are […]


When Your Tracks Suck, Book a Professional Studio

If you really want to make an incredible record, you might need to book some time with a professional studio. Yep. I said it. Don’t take it personally. After all, this is for your own good. Maybe you don’t have the time to dial in your microphone technique. Maybe you don’t have enough microphones. Maybe […]


Content Marketing for Musicians

While we’re very passionate about music and recording here at HRH, we’re just as passionate about online marketing. You need a way to share all that amazing music with the world, right? Unfortunately, doing that without some marketing is close to impossible. Enter content marketing. Content is another word for information in this context. The […]


Sounds like Classic Jazz!

This week, we’re taking a steady look at making amazing recordings with bygone techniques. Spend enough time with old jazz records and you’ll notice an amazing sonic landscape, created by a handful of instruments. Try as you might, you’ll have a tough time recreating that in your DAW. The techniques for recording classic jazz albums […]


Demoing in the Experimental Studio

One of the best uses of the home studio is demoing projects destined for professional studios. If you want a demo to show around town to record executives or engineers, follow the advice you often find all over the Internet. An example from the Recording Connection: Using good microphones and placement of them for your […]


Tips for Recording Electric Guitar

How often do you record electric guitar? For some home producers, electric guitar is bread and butter for songs. Others will only rarely set mic to amp. Still, it is a fairly common instrument to record. Before you contemplate advanced techniques for recording electrics, remember that you really can’t go wrong with close mic’ing an […]


Brown Sugar Secrets

Most home studios, despite incredible advances, are now functioning near the level of professional studios of the 1970s. We have the tools to get good, even excellent tracks, and mix them quite well. The missing ingredients are often in the ears of the engineer and the studio itself. You can’t beat a good room, though […]


Recording a Band with One Mic

Recording bands with a single microphone used to be quite common. Symphony orchestras, jazz bands, country groups, and anybody who wanted to get their songs on tape would use a single microphone to record. If you want to talk about simplicity in recordings, it really doesn’t get much easier than that. All that complicated multi-tracking […]


Recording Mistakes

If you read HRH regularly, you probably also spend a good deal of time trying to make your recordings perfect. This is the joy and torture of recording, the elusive search for sonic perfection. When you get it right, you can feel it in your bones. There are invariably times when you listen back to […]

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